Star Wars - The Old Republic

July 5th, 2017


As our story begins, Kodo and Kalt are called to meet with Lord Rukh.  The Kaleesh has received orders from Darth Eradikus to have Kalt return a holocron to the tomb of Naga Sadow in the Valley of Dark Lords.  Kodo is to act as his support.

Darth Eradikus' orders came with the stipulation that Kalt's task be observed by Cobal Sayser, a field auditor.  Worried that his superior is following his actions too closely, Rukh sends his personal assassination droid under Cobal's command.

A shuttle is dispatched, and our adventurers are taken into the Valley of Dark Lords.  The trip should have been simple, but the shuttle passes the tomb and lands several kilometers away.  They begin to cross the desert, but the journey takes its toll: the Rodian has difficulty in the environment and falls, skinning his knee.  Unused to wandering in deadly wastes, Cobal succumbs to his fear.

They reach a chasm and decide that instead of wasting daylight trying to find a path around it, they will risk the climb.  They succeed without wasting precious resources, but are attacked by a fearsome gundark on the far side.  The beast is slain, and the group continues its march toward the tomb.

Night falls, and the group is set upon by a ghost of the Force.  The fallen sith does not like Naga Sadow.  It tells the players that the holocron contains knowledge of training techniques and Force powers.  The spirit cries that this knowledge should never have left the temple.


Though the task of data delivery is an unworthy one for a Sith of my extraordinary power and intelligence, I found the task more formidable than expected. Perhaps it would a have been made easier without the rag-tag group that Rukh had sent to accompany me. The rodian amongst them got into a fight with a rock and nearly broke his leg! Still, I suppose it was nice to have some bodies around when that gundark showed up. Now what do about that ghost…

July 5th, 2017

I am not sure what I did to upset Darth eradikus, the bumbling “apprentice” he sent me with. I think a mynock would have been more helpful. This mission was far too challenging for this apprentice, I hope the next time my services are needed a more capable assistant is chosen. He is lucky I was there to deal the finishing blow, I think he would still be cowering if not for my blaster!

July 5th, 2017

Can you believe it, Lord Rukh, assigned me, HK-47, to a pencil pusher. How pathetic and such a waste of my skills.
Or at least that’s what I thought at first. I think there is more to my new master. He shows great intelligence and cunning by allowing his new amazing assassin droid to go before him and take control of the situation. He must think highly of me and recognize my ability to kill cause he had me fight a ghost: I don’t even know how to fight a ghost. Still, I have yet to blow up a meat bag under his command….

July 5th, 2017
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