Kalt Taln

Mystic Seer


Gnost-Dural.jpg__ “As long as the dark side flows through the cracks of my flesh, I cannot be killed.”__

There are just so many times that a child can be looked upon in fear. Eventually, that fear stops hiding in the shadow of mistrust, and blazes forth into the flames of hate. For Kalt Taln, fear was the firebrand which lit up the path to his destiny, a path littered with what remained of those who had mocked his masked face as a child.
A child can be cruel; fate can be crueler still.

After being fostered at the Jedi Academy on Coruscant, Kalt learned quickly that whatever talent he may possess for channeling the Force, it was outweighed by the strangeness of his face, and the sense of dread that seemed inspired by the mask he was forced to wear to survive the planet’s atmosphere. But a jedi is not ruled by hate or by fear, and Kalt reminded himself of this many times as he grew more powerful in spirit and in body. He had reminded himself so often that he had almost come to believe it.

It was storming the day that Kalt watched a sith lord, Darth Eradikus, slay his Jedi Master and lay waste to the old man’s body. Kalt had been bidden not to interfere and had watched helplessly and with growing rage as he watched his master bested, knowing with certainty that had he been allowed to fight, he could have saved his Master’s life. This knowledge that it had been the old man’s jealousy and insecurity in regards to Kalt’s power that made it easy for Kalt to forget him in the glow of the Sith’s red saber. It was his desire for power that pushed him to bend the knee before the Sith, but his pride and his rage that kept his spine rigid as he bowed.

He would never again be weak. He would never again bow to the foolish whims of old men. And once this one had served his purpose, Kalt would himself take the necessary measures to step out of the shadows once and for all, and to bask in the fires of a darker sun.

Kalt Taln

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