HK-47 Beta

Assassin Droid




Greetings Meatbags, it is I, the hero of the adventure…. I mean my master is the hero of course. My master has asked me to tell you all a little something about myself. I begged him to reconsider but he insisted anyways. I am so glad he is my master…… damn my lack of sarcastic circuitry.

I am assassin droid HK-47 Beta, no not the HK-47 that you all know and love but one of the models previous to his materialization. Although, we do share the same beautifully crafted face

I was stolen from the lab where I was created. They easily kidnap me cause I was turned off for diagnostics, but when they activated me….. there was mounds of porous meat everywhere. Haha, who would be stupid enough to kidnap an assassin droid? I mean, I would but I am not squishy like my counterpart.

Hmmm I guess that story was really irrelevant but I do like to tell stories of killing meatbags, it brings back good memories.

I came into possession to a well known Darth Lord, who extremely terrifying even for me.
He had no use of me so he decided to hand me over to some type of meatbag curator who he made a deal with to keep an eye on his dealings. At first I thought this was a mistake since this meatbag was meeker than most, but I also realized that I would get to burn a lot of holes through meatbags.

HK-47 Beta

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