Cobal Sayser

Terrible doctor turned adequate spy


Human. Average in every way possible.


Coming from a slightly well off family, Cobal grew up with the expectation to go to Medical school and be the family’s first physician.

Cobal just made it through medical school and began practicing medicine on his come planet of Drommund Kaas. He quickly became overwhelmed with the various ailments of his patients spending night after night researching and trying to find causes and cures that other doctors seemed to just know. He just didn’t have a knack for medicine. Fortunately, despite his shortcomings, people seemed to like Cobal and he was able to make a living by prescribing ‘short – term’ solutions to ailments.

After a few years of this, however, the medical board revoked his licence citing a disregard for his patients well-being.

Living on Imperial home world, he did what so many of the population did and became a bureaucrat. Cobal was much more skilled at this. Simple rules to be followed by the letter was much more his style. The only problem is that every promotion review he requested was clouded by his disgraceful past.

One day, a mysterious Sith Lord was waiting for Cobal in his modest apartment. He promised Cobal a fantastic promotion to Level 1 Field Auditor. All Cobal had to do in exchange was to keep an eye on various groups finances and report back to his new benefactor. The pay was incredible and Cobal was good at his job.

Everything seemed like it was finally working out for Cobal…

Cobal Sayser

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